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How much is a 72 hour hold without insurance? this is a popular question that we have answered extensively in this article. Serious mental illnesses can often make a person unable to make sound health decisions for themselves. As a result, American health regulations allow people to be placed under the supervision of medical experts during a 72-hour mental suspension, as many people call it.

This involuntary admissions arrangement is supposed to help determine whether or not a patient needs further treatment. Also, if someone is unable to regulate her behavior due to psychological discomfort or drugs, he may be required to prevent her from harming himself or others.

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There are two main acts in which a person can be subject to this form of withholding in most places in the United States. the baker’s law protects those with mental health problems.

the marchman law was enacted to help people addicted to drugs or alcohol. In both circumstances, what happens during a 72-hour psychiatric hold generally follows a very particular set of standards intended to stabilize the individual and determine if they need to stay in the facility longer.

how much is a 72 hour hold without insurance?

According to the therapist database, the typical cost of a 72-hour wait without insurance can range from $100 to $400 per session. The cost of treatment is typically determined by the therapist’s level of training, years of work experience, and geographic location—therapy is more expensive in more expensive areas.

however, those fees are for booking an appointment with a private treatment office without using insurance. so you’ll want to start looking elsewhere if you want cheaper solutions.

what does a 72-hour hold imply?

A 72-hour wait, often referred to as an “evaluation period,” is a period of time during which the treatment team assesses whether the patient meets the standards for involuntary admission. all patients should be treated in the least restrictive setting possible, in accordance with the law.

what are the requirements for a 72 hour hold?

Several types of people can place a patient in a treatment center against their will. a physician or law enforcement officer may file a request for a 72-hour hold. If you are the spouse, parent, or close relative of someone who requires immediate assistance, you may be allowed to request a withholding. Although it will be more difficult, you may be able to get a non-relative, such as a tenant, to be reluctantly admitted to a drug treatment facility. this will also convince the authorities that someone you care about is in grave danger.

Because commitment to a treatment facility is a serious circumstance, it is only allowed when a person meets a set of conditions. the following are some of them:

  • the person refuses or is unable to make a sensible decision about an exam.
  • the person is in danger of injury or undesirable consequences as a result of their own negligence.
  • individual is in danger of harming another person.
  • individual is abusing substances that could endanger others.
  • The individual cannot decide to seek addiction treatment on their own.
  • What types of evaluations are done immediately?

    A person must have a medical evaluation within 24 hours of entering the treatment facility for a 72-hour hold. this usually happens within minutes to an hour or two after they arrive at the clinic to make sure they are not in urgent physical distress.

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    This physical exam may include screenings and other forms of evaluation to help determine the person’s qualifications and the causes of their behavior. they will undergo a psychological examination soon after. the results of these evaluations are kept private. after the collection of information, the institution can make a professional suggestion to the court to continue withholding.

    72-hour hold: will a patient be treated during this time?

    When people are worried about a loved one, they often ask about 72-hour holds. If you have a loved one who may need this kind of care, you may believe this is your last chance to help them stop hurting themselves. While your loved one’s experience during the first 72 hours may differ, it’s normal for a person to gradually realize they need assistance.

    Initially, your loved one’s attention will be focused on helping them gain stability and become more comfortable in the center. some people may need to take medicine to help them relax or sleep briefly. If your loved one develops withdrawal symptoms, medications and natural treatment options will help them feel better.

    As their bodies begin to clear the narcotics from their systems, many people notice a significant change in their thoughts and behavior. your loved one may be ready to begin engaging in various types of therapy around the 24- to 48-hour mark.

    Counselors will start talking to your loved ones about what led to the 72-hour wait, and reassure them that continuing your treatment will be the best way to start living a healthier and more confident life. although a court might order them to stay a little longer, this may not be necessary. once your loved one is comfortable making more informed decisions, they may decide to pursue elective therapy.

    Knowing what happens during a 72-hour wait gives you the peace of mind that your loved one is safe and well cared for during that time.

    Is it possible to get 72-hour standby therapy without insurance?

    If you don’t have insurance or find that your insurance wouldn’t pay for the therapy you want, you may be thinking about how to afford what can be an expensive appointment. The good news is that many programs, resources, and strategies make psychotherapy and 72-hour solutions more accessible. some options may even be free. this includes the following:

    community health centers

    Free or low-cost mental health care may be available at student health centers or federally mandated health centers (community facilities sponsored by the federal government).

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness also maintains a toll-free helpline available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the toll-free number is 1-800-950-6264. visit for additional information or text nami to 741741.

    Seek help at a university.

    Patients can often access interns and residents at teaching hospitals at a sliding fee. this is often significantly cheaper than private mental health professionals.

    search for non-profit organizations.

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    open path psychotherapy collaboration is a nonprofit organization that connects low- and middle-income individuals (and families) with low-cost mental health services. The cost of mental health care varies by state and provider, but generally ranges from $30 to $50 per hour.

    employee assistance programs

    Some employers provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) as mental health benefits. employees have free access to these benefits because their employers pay for them. Additional information on any EAP benefit alternatives can be found in your employee handbook or through your human resources department.

    an employee’s eligibility for free eap benefits is generally limited to a certain number or amount each year. In addition, your employers may have negotiated reduced out-of-pocket rates for ongoing care from EAP-provided mental health care providers.

    benefits for people with disabilities

    If you have a persistent or severe mental condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Unfortunately, these perks don’t always include health coverage. however, they may be able to help you get Medicare coverage, including psychological benefits, even if you’re not yet 65.


    Independent therapists may be prepared to lower their costs to fit your budget. however, it never hurts to ask about money discounts or a way to finance therapy according to your financial situation.

    seek low-cost internet counseling.

    For people who want to consult electronically from the comfort of their homes, online therapy is a good option. it is also often less expensive. in a couple of minutes, you can select a provider and make an appointment online. the cost of an appointment is usually more than $70. there is no need for a waiting room, paperwork or insurance too.

    frequently asked questions

    what is the cost of a 72 hour hold without insurance?

    Individuals seeking a 72-hour hold without insurance should expect to pay between $100 and $400 per session in most parts of the country.

    How long can you be held against your will in a health center?

    Without the authorization of a judge, you can be held in the hospital against your will for up to 72 hours.

    Is it possible to be forced into a mental institution?

    yes. may be forced to commit to a mental institution. but if the doctor considers you to be “mentally ill” or “mentally unstable,” as defined by law, he or she can force you to stay. a doctor must also see you within 12 hours under the mental health act of 2007


    In conclusion, insurance comes with various monetary benefits. And if you want to know how much a 72-hour hold costs without insurance, the tips above will help you tremendously.


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