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motoring conviction codes, fixed ticket notices and endorsements. these are many different words that mean the same thing: — penalty points on your driver’s license.

Our data shows that 198,752 full UK driving license holders faced convictions for driving in 2021.

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Convictions are sometimes due to drivers not knowing their sp30s (exceeding the legal speed limit on a public road) or their sp50s (exceeding the speed limit on a highway).

Fortunately, we have the truth about penalty points and car insurance.

Do all penalty points affect insurance?

yes, all penalty points can potentially increase your insurance premium.

When getting a car insurance quote, you should be honest about any prior claims or traffic violations, as it could affect your coverage. the actual impact depends on the age of the conviction and the number of points you have.

Here are some examples of how your driving violations can affect the costs of other cars. figures only apply to new customers who get a quote from admiral.

how much do motoring conviction codes affect your car insurance?

As an example, committing a mobile phone offense can result in six points on your license and a £200 fine. However, your insurance will also be more expensive. premiums could increase by as much as 86%, meaning you could be paying nearly double the price.

with an 80cu conviction (failure to comply with vehicle control requirements, such as use of a mobile phone), the average increase is 42% for three points, but could be 72% and higher for more of 3 points. the six-point average is 55%, but could go as high as 86%.

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Recent speeding convictions see an average premium increase of 23% with three points.

For someone with multiple convictions or someone who receives seven points or more, the maximum increase could be as high as 75%.

an admiral pricing team member said:

“Our claim statistics have shown that customers with penalty points and traffic violations in the last five years have more driving incidents and file more claims. That’s why we need to know them before offering a quote.”

How much are the increases for the most common traffic violations?

average increase (%)

Do men have more penalty points than women?

yes. Penalty points are one of the main reasons men have more expensive insurance than women on average.

you can see the difference with the following data.

the five most common motoring convictions for men:

the five most common car convictions for women:

how are penalty points issued?

The police are responsible for awarding penalty points to drivers, but how the points are earned depends on the offence.

Speeding penalty points, for example, can come from a fixed camera, a parked speeding van, an officer with a speed gun, or you can simply be stopped by a police officer.


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You may get a verbal warning if pulled over, or possibly an on-the-spot ticket and endorsement if you have your license with you.

If you don’t, you will be required to present your license to the police within seven days to have the points added.

If a camera catches you speeding, you will be sent a notice of intent to prosecute (nip) explaining the offence. You must respond within 28 days and send the name and details of the person who was driving at the time.

How long do penalty points last on a driving license?

Most types of penalty points, such as sp30s (speeding on a public road) and cu80s (using your mobile phone) are on the license for four years.

We ask for convictions in the last five years. this stems from rehabilitation of offenders acting as the deadline for when a driver’s license endorsement runs out. that’s why there may be a disparity between the time an endorsement appears on the license and the time we apply.

sp30s and cu80s tend to be two of the most common driving offense codes that drivers in the UK have, with over 145,000 drivers having at least one of them in 2021.

However, some violations could remain on your license for up to 11 years due to their severity:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, offense codes beginning dr
  • infraction codes cd40 to cd70, causing death due to negligent driving, whether due to alcohol or drugs
  • how can you avoid penalty points?

    The best way to avoid penalty points is to drive sensibly. We help reward good driving habits with our black box insurance, which tracks our drivers’ behavior on the road.

    You can also try advanced driving lessons and update your knowledge of the highway code regularly.

    In general, always try to drive safely. You don’t just have to worry about penalty points, but also the long-term impact.

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