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As Singaporeans, we always want the most affordable and cost-effective services, including dental crown procedures. We know Medisave can be used for a variety of medical services, but what about dental crowns? if medisave can’t cover it, can i use insurance instead? Let’s take a closer look at the costs of dental crowns and what procedures may be covered.

what is the cost of a dental crown in singapore?

getting dental crowns in singapore usually costs between $750 and more than $1000 per tooth. this varies depending on the material chosen and the complexity of your individual case. crowns made of gold usually cost more.

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There may be two terms, with half as a deposit before treatment and half after the procedure is successfully completed.

The list of average fees paid by private patients in public institutions in Singapore for certain dental procedures can be found on the Ministry of Health (MOH) website. for dental crowns, the following table shows the average prices. for more details, you may want to check with the institutions directly.

average crown cost

public institutions

national university center for oral health (nucohs)


changi general hospital (cgh)

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khoo teck puat hospital (ktph)


tan tock seng hospital (ttsh)

$750 – $950

national dental center of singapore (ndcs)

$829 – $1057

can i use medisave for dental crowns?

Unfortunately, non-surgical dental procedures cannot be claimed using Medisave under CPF. therefore medisave cannot be used for the following:

  • non-surgical root canal treatment
  • braces (metal or invisalign)
  • dental crowns, bridges or dentures
  • extraction of teeth that do not require surgery
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    what dental procedures can be claimed with medisave?

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    You can use medisave to pay for the following dental surgery services:

    • dental implants
    • wisdom tooth surgeries
    • surgical removal of impacted roots/fractured teeth
    • bone graft
    • sinus lift
    • gum surgery
    • the fixed limit of the amount you can claim from medisave will depend on the type of surgery. MediSave claims can range from $250 to $2,850, depending on the complexity of the surgical procedure.

      You may also want to use an immediate family member’s medisave in case your own is insufficient. this refers to the health insurance of your spouse, parents or children. however, this is subject to approval based on your account balance. the medisave account holder must also fill out and sign the medisave authorization form.

      dental designs is a medisave accredited clinic approved by the singapore ministry of health. read more about the frequently asked questions about the use of medisave in dental designs.

      can i use insurance for my dental crown?

      insurance in singapore generally only covers medically necessary procedures. procedures that are considered non-essential or elective would not be covered by most dental insurance plans.

      Cases in which orthodontic treatment can be claimed with insurance include those that are considered medically necessary, such as:

      • when there is an accident that damages the face or teeth
      • severe malocclusion causing caries or periodontitis that only resolves with orthodontic treatment
      • The following are typically covered by dental insurance in Singapore:

        • emergency dental treatment
        • routine preventive treatments and basic dental treatments such as scaling, polishing and dental fillings
        • X-rays
        • dental extractions
        • root canal treatments
        • family member dental fees for certain procedures
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          Medisave generally cannot be used for dental crown procedures because they are non-surgical. however, insurance may cover your dental crown procedure if it becomes necessary as a result of an accident. insurance may also cover other basic dental treatment. For more information on the list of procedures you can claim, check with your dental insurance provider.

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