How Long Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Your Insurance?

Sometimes even the most careful motorists drive over the speed limit for one reason or another, resulting in a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, a speeding ticket can cause your insurance rates to increase. How long does a speeding ticket affect your insurance? that depends on your carrier, the state you live in, and other factors.

How long can a speeding ticket stay on your car insurance record?

According to the zebra, you can typically expect a speeding ticket to stay on your car insurance record for at least three years. depending on your provider and the state you live in, it can stay on your record for up to five years. On average, a speeding ticket can cause a rate increase of $460 a year. over a three-year period, that adds up to $1,380 in additional auto insurance costs.

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the rate increases by accelerating the severity of the fines

Before your insurance company raises your rates, they will usually consider the severity of the speeding ticket. if you exceed the speed limit between 6 and 10 mph, you will not face as steep an increase as a driver who exceeds the speed limit between 20 mph. The Zebra surveyed major providers to see how much they charge, on average, for a speeding ticket over three years. If you get a speeding ticket for driving 6 to 10 mph over the speed limit, here’s what you can expect to pay, depending on your provider:

  • all states: $2,250/$2,612/$2,983
  • farmers: $1932/$2339/$2746
  • geico: $1515/$1755/$1994
  • mutual liberty: $1994/$2341/$2688
  • Nationwide: $1,721/$2,095/$2,470
  • progressive: $2062/$2520/$2978
  • state farm: $1469/$1624/$1779
  • usea: $1096/$1244/$1392
  • These are the average rates you’ll pay over three years for driving 11 to 15 mph over the speed limit:

    • all states: $2,280/$2,673/$3,065
    • farmers: $1932/$2339/$2746
    • geico: $1516/$1757/$1998
    • mutual liberty: $1994/$2341/$2688
    • Nationwide: $1,728/$2,108/$2,489
    • progressive: $2067/$2530/$2993
    • state farm: $1476/$1638/$1800
    • usea: $1096/$1244/$1392
    • zebra reports the following rates for three years if you receive a ticket for driving 16 to 20 mph over the speed limit:

      • all states: $2322/$2755/$3189
      • farmers: $1,952/$2,378/$2,804
      • geico: $1580/$1884/$2187
      • mutual liberty: $2014/$2380/$2747
      • Nationwide: $1,728/$2,108/$2,489
      • progressive: $2072/$2541/$3010
      • state farm: $1490/$1667/$1844
      • usea: $1096/$1244/$1392
      • If you get a speeding ticket for driving 21-25 mph, here’s what you can expect to pay over three years, depending on the provider:

        • all states: $2322/$2755/$3189
        • farmers: $1,952/$2,378/$2,804
        • geico: $1843/$2410/$2977
        • mutual freedom: $2134/$2622/$3109
        • Nationwide: $1,728/$2,108/$2,489
        • progressive: $2072/$2541/$3010
        • state farm: $1490/$1667/$1844
        • usea: $1096/$1244/$1392
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          Speeding in a school zone can result in a significant rate increase for every year the ticket remains on your insurance record, even if it’s just a few miles over the speed limit. Here’s what you can expect to pay if you get a speeding ticket in a school zone:

          • all states: $2,250/$2,612/$2,793
          • farmers: $2036/$2547/$3058
          • geico: $1542/$1809/$2075
          • mutual freedom: $1994/$2341/$2688
          • Nationwide: $1,721/$2,095/$2,470
          • progressive: $2067/$2531/$2994
          • state farm: $1474/$1635/$1796
          • usea: $1096/$1244/$1392
          • why do insurance rates go up after a speeding ticket?

            As idrivesafely points out, when you receive a speeding citation, it indicates that you are engaging in risky driving habits that could lead to an accident, making you a higher risk for your insurance. Furthermore, industry data shows that after drivers receive a ticket, they are likely to receive multiple tickets in the future. Your insurance provider will increase your rates to compensate for the additional risk of insuring your vehicle. Keep in mind that if you receive too many tickets, whether for speeding or other violations, your provider may deny you coverage when your policy is up for renewal.

            dispute a speeding ticket

            Normally, you have three options after receiving a speeding ticket. according to forbes, those options are:

            • payment of the fine: the fine you will have to pay for speeding depends on the state you live in and how many kilometers over the speed limit you are traveling when you receive the ticket . Paying the fine is an admission of guilt and will result in points on your driver’s license and increased insurance rates.
            • Dispute Ticket: When you receive a speeding ticket, you’ll notice that it includes instructions on how to contest the ticket. If you successfully contest the ticket, you will not receive points on your license and your auto insurance will not increase.
            • Ignore the fine: If you refuse to pay the fine or dispute it within a designated time, you will likely receive a predetermined notice that you must pay additional fees. Continuing to ignore the ticket may result in your license being suspended or revoked by the state, which is not viewed favorably by insurance companies.
            • how to save on car insurance after a speeding ticket

              Even if a speeding ticket results in a rate increase, there are steps you can take to lower your auto insurance costs. bankrate suggests that you do the following:

              • consult discounts. While a speeding ticket means you probably won’t qualify for any safe driver discounts, there are other discounts you may be eligible for. If you haven’t already, consider combining your homeowners insurance with the company that provides your auto insurance to receive a bundle discount. You’ll also see significant savings if you add all the vehicles in your household to the same policy. many providers will offer a discount for using the automatic payments feature. If you have a teen driver on your policy, you may qualify for a discount if you maintain a gpa of 3.0 or higher.
              • Drive Safely: Even if you’ve already received a speeding ticket, it’s not too late to start driving safely. if you refrain from receiving more tickets within three years of your first ticket, your provider will likely be more willing to lower your rates.
              • Check: Because each insurance company has its own rating system, a different provider might offer you lower rates, even after taking into account recent speeding tickets.
              • Now that you know how long a speeding ticket can affect your insurance rates, you can take steps to save money and get great coverage.

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