11 Costco Employee Benefits That Will Make You Want to Work There

costco wholesale is synonymous with buying wholesale. The store’s low prices for packaged items make it an attractive place to shop for household items like toilet paper or cleaning supplies, as well as electronics. With its own gas stations, in-store pharmacies, and famously cheap hot dogs and pizza slices, there are plenty of ways to get more savings at the store.

It is also a company that attracts many new workers each year. the stores are large and need many annual and temporary employees. Anyone considering a job at Costco should know what it offers beyond salary. here are 11 of the best benefits the company offers its employees.

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above the minimum wage

it pays to work at costco. As of October 2021, service assistants start at $17 per hour and service clerks earn $18 per hour. the more specialized roles in the optical center and pharmacy earn more than $25 per hour on average. that’s on top of a $15 minimum wage, which is becoming the new national benchmark.

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free store memberships

yes, that’s plural. Costco has plenty of savings, but first customers must pay to become members. the membership itself starts at $60 per year. while that’s not outrageous when it’s spread out over 365 days, it’s still an upfront cost before you buy a single item.

Although Costco employees don’t get discounts on items at each store, all employees get four free memberships, one for themselves and three for people they choose. each membership is valid for one year.

variety of health benefits

Employees who have worked for 180 consecutive days at the company for more than 23 hours a week, according to Glassdoor, qualify for Costco’s health benefits plan. and it’s solid.

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Health insurance is affordable and includes dental and vision services (and remember, there are optometrists at Costco stores) and copays are low. employees can also use company pharmacies for any prescriptions that need to be filled.

seasonal job options

Although many of the benefits are given to full-time employees, Costco also needs seasonal employees each year. Holidays demand more people on the floor and in the warehouse as demand increases. That’s good news for anyone trying to find a short-term job. the seasonal hiring period typically begins in October and ends in January, with new hires on a 90-day trial period.

extra payment on Sundays

base pay at costco is good, but there are weekly opportunities for employees to earn more. Costco operates on a time-and-a-half pay structure on Sundays. that means that every hour an employee works earns 50% more. no matter how many hours an employee works during the week, he earns more per hour when he works on a Sunday. therefore, any employee you see there on one of the busiest days of the week is earning more.

turkey time

Beyond year-round benefits like health insurance, Costco also offers employees part of a holiday meal. Business Insider reported in 2019 that all employees get a free turkey in the holiday season, available from “mid-November through Christmas,” according to one employee. The Christmas shopping season is off to a good start. employees who don’t need a turkey can also donate it to charity.

bonuses, bonuses

Speaking of fringe benefits, there are bonuses available for employees paid both annually and every six months. reports on indeed.com mention bonuses of $2,000 or more semi-annually, depending on how long the employee has been with the company. annual bonuses can be even higher, again depending on experience and department.

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retirement options

costco matches 50% of annual contributions to an employee’s 401(k) plan up to $500 per year. if you’re working there, you could add up to $1,500 to your 401(k) plan each year. And for employees with 10 or more years of service, health insurance is included in retirement benefits, according to Glassdoor.

promotion possibilities

While many positions at Costco are entry-level, employees are not limited to that role. the staff has several options to advance in their various departments. reports from indeed and glassdoor mention a mentoring program for employees and opportunities to train and learn new roles in the highest positions in the company.

While some departments require specialized education or certification for certain functions, such as the optician and pharmacy sections, not all departments do. The time it takes to advance varies by position and other factors, but employees can move up the ranks. the company itself notes that 70% of its warehouse managers started out as hourly employees.

free time

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The company offers various time off policies for staff. Costco staff are also eligible for paid time off, paid sick leave, and vacation hours. required to work 90 days before you can begin accruing paid time off. vacation hours, to a certain extent, can be carried over to the next calendar year.

For new mothers, there are also six weeks of paid maternity leave. The company also pays employees for the time they serve on a jury.


Beyond the company’s paid time off and vacation policies for employees, Costco guarantees its staff seven paid days off, including major Thanksgivings, Christmas, Memorial Day and Valentine’s Day. worked. There is also a floating paid holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. day that can be taken before or after the day itself.

end result

Costco offers many immediate and long-term benefits to its employees. Anyone considering applying for a job at Costco should consider everything the store offers, even if it’s just for a seasonal job over the holidays. Looking to see what positions are hiring? the company’s careers page is regularly updated with new roles.

Regardless of where you’re looking for a job, job seekers should be aware of some common red flags about new jobs when talking to a potential employer. But considering salary, benefits, and company culture can help you find the best jobs for your situation.

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