How FEMA Can Help: File Insurance Claim First |

Louisiana residents affected by Hurricane Ida who have not already been affected are encouraged to contact their insurance company and file a claim for damages caused by the disaster. Survivors in parishes designated for individual assistance who have uninsured or underinsured losses may be eligible to receive assistance from FEMA to make their homes habitable.

understand what losses fema can cover

fema assistance differs from insurance in that it only provides the basic necessities to make a home safe, sanitary and functional. FEMA’s assistance doesn’t make you feel whole again, but it can help you get back on your feet. fema disaster assistance covers only basic needs and typically will not compensate you for your entire loss.

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Damage to home must be related to Hurricane Ida. FEMA inspectors can contact survivors upon request to schedule an inspection appointment.

examples of safe, sanitary and functional repairs to make a house fit to live in:

  • Property: fema can help with the replacement or repair of disaster-damaged HVAC systems, as well as refrigerators and stoves. Other potential repairs that may be covered include utilities such as electrical, plumbing, and gas systems. Non-essential items like dishwashers and home theater equipment are not covered.
  • Roof and Roof Damage: FEMA grants can help repair disaster-related roof leaks that cause damage to roofs and threaten electrical components, such as overhead lights, but they won’t pay for simple stains from roof leaks.
  • Flooring: FEMA assistance can be used to repair disaster-damaged subflooring in occupied portions of the home, but not to cover flooring such as tile or carpet.
  • windows: fema payments can help with disaster-related broken windows, but not blinds or drapes.
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    Other help from FEMA may include temporary expenses to pay for shelter if a survivor’s home is uninhabitable, or assistance to replace essential household items.

    Because each survivor’s situation is different, FEMA’s estimates of what it may cover vary. expenses for repairs that exceed the conditions to make a home safe, sanitary and functional are not eligible. assistance depends on a number of factors including insurance coverage and, in some respects, ability to pay.

    spend grants wisely

    Disaster grants may not be used for travel, entertainment, regular living expenses, or any discretionary expenses not related to the disaster. Survivors must keep receipts for three years to show how FEMA grants were spent.

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    if the grant money is not used as described in the letter you receive, you may have to repay fema and could lose eligibility for additional federal assistance that may be available later for your disaster recovery .

    if the assistance is not enough to restore your home to its original condition:

    after you apply for disaster assistance, you may be referred to the us. uu. small business administration (sba). the sba may contact you to offer you a low-interest disaster loan. Homeowners and renters who receive an SBA loan application must complete the application even if they choose not to accept it in order to remain eligible for additional FEMA programs.

    • For businesses of any size and most nonprofits: Up to $2 million for property damage.
    • for small businesses, smallaquaculture businesses, and most non-profits: up to $2 million for working capital needs even if you don’t suffered property damage, with a $2 million loan maximum for any combination of property damage and working capital needs.
    • For Homeowners:Up to $200,000 to repair or replace your primary residence.
    • For homeowners and renters: Up to $40,000 to replace personal property, including vehicles.
    • Businesses and residents can apply online at If you have questions and need help completing an application, please call 800-659-2955 or email [email protected]

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