How Roofing Insurance Claims Work: What Contractors Need to Know

Understanding how roofing insurance claims work will help your insurance restoration business succeed and grow. By knowing the ins and outs of insurance, you can ensure a smoother working relationship with the insurance company, reduce delays, serve your clients more efficiently, and get paid faster.

While homeowners insurance can be a complex subject, understanding how roofing insurance claims work doesn’t have to be complicated. This blog post will walk you through the insurance claims process step by step and help you understand how to get the most out of the process so you can achieve better results for your business and clients.

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how do roof insurance claims work?

In general, the insurance claims process can be broken down into these basic steps.

step 1: inspection by the adjuster

After the homeowner reports the damage to their insurance company, the insurance company will send an adjuster to check out the damage at their expense. This insurance adjuster will inspect the roof, taking special note of any areas of damage your company identified in your initial inspection. It is important that someone from your team be present and meet with the adjuster while they are doing their inspection, to answer any questions the adjuster may have and to make sure no damage is missed. After the adjuster completes their inspection, they will create their own damage assessment, which will be sent to the insurance company.

how roofing insurance claims work with adjusters

step 2: claim review

The insurance company will then review the damage assessment, also known as a claim. During this time, the insurance company will evaluate the damage report provided by the adjuster to determine how much the owner should be paid for repairs. this process can be time consuming and is often the reason insurance restoration projects are delayed.

While the claim is being reviewed, the insurance company may request more information or documentation about the damage from your roofing company, or they may ask you questions about the information you provided. You will need to respond promptly to their requests to keep the claims review process moving and be prepared to support your damage assessment with evidence.

step 3: Completion of the claim

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Once the claim is reviewed and processed, the insurance company will finalize the full amount of damages. at this time, the insurance company will send a check for that amount to the homeowner. This check is intended to cover the costs of either repairing the roof to its original condition, or replacing the roof entirely, according to the terms of the policy.

When the claim is finalized and the check is received, the insurance company’s involvement in the process comes to an end. now you and the owner can agree on a formal scope of work and draw up a contract for the repairs or replacement. In many cases, this settlement will cover exactly the damages listed in the appraisal; In other cases, the landlord may want you to do additional repairs beyond what the insurance check covers.

how can you get the most out of the claims process?

What does your insurance restoration business need to do to be successful during the claims process? Here are some tips to help you master roofing insurance claims and ensure the best results for your business and your clients.

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tip 1: speak the language of insurance companies

Good communication between your business and the insurance company is key to mastering the insurance claims process. The greater your understanding of insurance-related terms and concepts, the easier it will be to answer questions that arise and understand how the process progresses.

Learning to speak the language of insurance companies will also help you fill out any paperwork correctly and reduce the chance of errors when filling out insurance restoration forms. When contractors understand the terms insurance companies use, it helps facilitate clearer communication and eliminates error-related delays.

how roofing insurance claims work with the homeowner

tip #2: advocate for the owner

When it comes to insurance restoration claims, many homeowners feel out of place. This is particularly true when it comes to discrepancies between your assessment of the damage and that of the insurance adjuster. homeowners deal with insurance companies very infrequently and need the guidance of someone knowledgeable and experienced in handling insurance claims.

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This is where your business comes in. If there are differences between your assessment and the adjuster’s, you can and should advocate on behalf of the owner. By proving to the insurance company that your damage assessment is accurate, you not only ensure that the claim covers the work you plan to do, but you also help the homeowner achieve a more desirable outcome for their claim and solidify your reputation as an insurance company. a business that provides excellent customer service.

tip #3: keep good records

As discussed above, when the insurance company is evaluating the damage assessment, they often request more information or more supporting evidence for their claim. To reduce delays and help the claims review process run smoothly, it’s important to keep good records of everything related to work. All members of your team should be able to access these records from anywhere, so you can respond to insurance company requests promptly.

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How roofing insurance claims work software demo

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a smoother insurance claims process is within your reach

Understanding how roof insurance claims work and what you can do to improve the process will help you become a better insurance restoration contractor. Not only will you achieve better results for your business and your client, but you’ll keep the process running smoothly and efficiently so there’s less time between assessing the damage and starting the job.

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