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Jet skiing in the summer can be a fun adventure when the weather is warm. But to prevent the experience from becoming a nightmare, it’s always good to be prepared for unexpected situations and possibly get boat insurance coverage if you know you’ll be using your boat quite often. You can also have greater peace of mind by educating yourself and taking a course to familiarize yourself with the basics.

First things first, before you buy a boat, chartering is a great way to try it out with minimal commitment. Each boat rental company will have different requirements and different fees for you to qualify to take out a boat, such as:

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  • minimum age requirement, if you are younger you may need to pay more or take a lesson
  • waiver release form
  • possible sailing lessons our course certification
  • security deposit for damages
  • option to purchase rental insurance or boat insurance
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    You will need to sign a rental agreement that covers the terms of the boat rental, including any damages that you will be responsible for paying. Often, it’s wise to check with your insurance company to see if you have current coverage under your policy that might extend to watercraft. You may also have the option to purchase coverage through the rental company, for the rental period only. Another option is to use your credit card to pay your rent and take advantage of the rental insurance coverage that they usually provide through them.

    There can be a lot of uncertainty if this is your first time chartering a boat and while certain states may have different regulations and restrictions, it’s fairly easy to qualify and get a boat on the water. While it helps to have an experienced captain who has run a boat before, pontoon boats are often suggested for first timers. they are easy to learn and can be easily operated, even by people who have never driven a boat before. however, since the operation of your boat will be affected by environmental influences such as wind, weather, water conditions, as well as other boats and watercraft on the water, it is recommended that you have someone with more experience to help you navigate.

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    In addition to personal preparation, most yacht charter companies also offer a quick demo and lesson before they ship you out. they should be able to answer most questions you have. and after signing a liability waiver accepting responsibility for the actual ship and the passengers it carries, you will also be required to put down a security deposit to cover any damages you may incur. renters are normally only responsible for physical damage to the boat and injuries to passengers or others in the water, and not for mechanical or engine problems. For a very introductory experience, some yacht charter companies offer hourly rates, which means you can take a very short trip out on the water to get comfortable.

    Unexpected situations can leave you feeling drained, but if you have boat insurance, you’ll be covered for any resulting damage or injury! freeway insurance offers reliable insurance coverage at affordable prices. Call Freeway Insurance at (800) 777-5620 to speak with a live agent to get your free, no obligation boat insurance quote today.

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