Mexico Travel Insurance

safety tips for traveling to mexico

drinking water & food safety

Safety of drinking water has been a longstanding issue for Mexico. The CDC recommends avoiding tap and well water, including ice made from either source. instead, stick to sealed bottled water, hot tea or coffee, carbonated beverages, or pasteurized milk. Similar guidelines apply to food. consume only foods that are cooked and served hot, as well as fruits and vegetables that you have peeled/prepared yourself. foods at room temperature should be avoided, including food from street vendors. if you are going to eat eggs or meat products, make sure the eggs are well cooked and avoid undercooked meats. Like drinking milk, any dairy product must be pasteurized.

alcohol consumption

if you plan to consume alcohol on your vacation or business trip in mexico, be very careful. consuming too much alcohol can impair your ability to stay alert and identify threats. There have also been several recent reports of contaminated alcohol being served at tourist hotspots, so stay up to date on areas that may be affected. In addition, the consumption of alcohol can affect your Mexico travel insurance policy and, in some cases, prevent you from filing a claim. be sure to review your coverage details before you “go free” during your trip.

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local weather & what to pack

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As with other aspects of traveling to Mexico, what you bring depends on your specific needs and planned activities. The weather can vary depending on the months of the year and the location in Mexico to which you plan to travel. Mexico has a wide range of topography, from beautiful sandy beaches to rolling hills and towering mountains. It’s best to do your research beforehand so you know exactly what to expect. In general, bring only what is necessary and leave your valuables at home. packing light makes it easier to adjust your travel plans as you go. Limiting unnecessary items also helps mitigate loss if your luggage is delayed or lost. Of course, buying a Mexico travel insurance plan that includes luggage protection is also a good idea.


Mexico’s standard voltage is 127v, which is about the same as the US’s 120v. While some experts say your electronics will work just fine, others explain that plugs can vary from place to place, so it’s best to plan ahead and bring the proper adapters if you plan to bring any electronics.

crime risk & avoiding dangers

Try not to look like a tourist. it is better to remain unnoticed so that thieves and pickpockets do not identify you as an easy target. throw the selfie stick and the guide. be careful in crowded public places and walk purposefully instead of wandering around and attracting unwanted attention.

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Carry only the cash you need with you. instead, take advantage of the hotel safe or use a money belt worn under clothing. As in any situation involving money, retrieve extra cash in as private a place as possible. You’ll also want to stick to ATMs that are inside stores or malls and avoid machines that are on the street or in other open public areas.

Mexico has been embroiled in an ongoing drug war, which has often been the subject of travel news headlines. Although the war on drugs between the cartels, the Mexican government and rival gangs is ruthless and violent, most of this violence occurs between members far from the most popular tourist destinations. You can read more about Mexico-specific travel advisories and advisories here.

speak the language

Spanish is among the main spoken languages ​​in the world with more than 500 million speakers and is the official language of Mexico. Although many Mexican citizens speak English (especially those who live near the US border), it’s a good idea to learn Spanish before your visit. Learning Spanish will not only be useful when you visit Mexico, but it will also be useful in many South American countries and in Spain in the future. Even if you don’t have time to become fluent before you leave, it just takes a little time and practice to master some of the more common words and phrases. Learning the language will also help you be less subject to scams targeting foreigners. Depending on where you travel, you may find additional languages ​​such as Nahuatl and Mayan dialects. Believe it or not, more than 25 languages ​​are spoken throughout the country. But fear not because Spanish and English are among the most widely spoken in Mexico.

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