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Unemployed Americans who lost their job in the last 18 months may qualify for free health insurance coverage through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, commonly known as Cobra.

this provision went into effect on april 1, 2021, when president joe biden signed the latest relief bill, the american bailout plan (arp), and provides free health coverage to qualified individuals until September 30, 2021.

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The purpose is “to help struggling Americans as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses,” said Joshua Black, managing and employment attorney at the Law Office of Joshua C. black plc. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that two million Americans could benefit from the coverage.

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what does arp cover?

the arp expands the original provisions of the families first coronavirus response act (ffrca) “now includes paid time off to obtain a covid-19 vaccine, as well as recovery time in response to vaccination”, said Andrea Rainey, Human Resources Business Partner at Strunk Insurance Group.

In addition, the government provides “tax credits to eligible employers for paid employee leave for COVID qualifying reasons,” Rainey said. The law creates a new premium subsidy charged from April 1 to September 30, 2021, for qualified people. the subsidy provides 100% of the premium for employees. in turn, employers and carriers will receive a tax credit to finance the subsidy.

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Under normal circumstances, premiums are paid by employees and these payments are traditionally more expensive than employer-provided insurance.

Who qualifies for free charges under the bill?

negra explains that to qualify for the subsidy you must:

1) be a worker who had health insurance through an employer; and

2) You involuntarily lost your job due to a layoff or had your hours reduced due to the pandemic.

Normally, an employee must elect cobra benefits within 60 days of separation from their employer; however, if he declined cobra coverage prior to signing the bill, he may be able to choose to re-enroll. he should contact his previous employer or insurance company for additional information.

Coverage is extended to those family members who are also on the unemployed person’s health plan.

who doesn’t qualify for free cash?

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Not all unemployed people qualify for the subsidy. “The subsidy is not available if you are fired for serious misconduct, or if you are eligible for Medicare or another health plan through a spouse or another job,” said Laura Adams, MBA and insurance expert with US Insurance Agents.

In addition, the extension of free benefits of cobra is not available to people who worked in companies with less than 20 employees. “It’s also not available to people who weren’t covered by health insurance during employment, or to those who were self-employed,” Black said.

In addition, anyone who turns 26 under a parent’s plan or a former spouse who lost coverage due to divorce does not qualify.

what do qualified people have to do to get coverage?

“employees should elect cobra coverage with their employee or cobra administrator. employers are responsible for notifying any participant eligible for the subsidy,” Rainey said.

Generally, under Department of Labor guidelines, employers have 60 days to notify you of your eligibility. proactive employees are given the green light to contact their employer to determine eligibility.

Coverage charges do not apply to copays or deductibles. If individuals decide to continue coverage beyond September 30, 2021, premiums are no longer the responsibility of the employer.

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