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Did you know you can sell all or part of a life insurance policy, including term insurance?

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do you have to pay taxes on the money received as a beneficiary? the short answer is no, usually not. Beneficiaries generally do not pay taxes on life insurance proceeds. Since recipients don’t have to report the payment as income, it’s a tax-free lump sum that they can freely use. however, there are some aspects of life insurance that will not be lost on the tax man. Let’s talk about these situations and how life settlements are a way to get money sooner, control your tax strategy, and preserve more money for your family when you’re gone.

three situations in which you must pay taxes on a life insurance payment:

There are three situations in which beneficiaries have to pay taxes on a life insurance payment: if there is interest, if the death benefit becomes part of an estate, or if the policy is a gift.

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1. Insurer issues death benefit in installments: With some policies, instead of a lump-sum payment, life insurance beneficiaries may receive the death benefit in installments. When this happens, the insurer typically keeps the policy in an interest-bearing account and issues a percentage of the death benefit for a set number of years. Although the original death benefit is tax-free, the interest that accrues is subject to income tax.

2. the death benefit becomes part of your estate: the federal estate tax exemption limit is $11.58 million, which means that if the total taxable value of the estate is greater than this amount, The Internal Revenue Service imposes a wealth tax. If you know that your estate will not exceed $11.58 million, you do not need to worry about this tax. Additionally, income left to beneficiaries is generally exempt from an estate tax, even if it exceeds the federal limit. However, if you own your life insurance policy when you die, the IRS includes the payment in your estate, regardless of whether you name a beneficiary. this could cause the total taxable value of your estate to exceed the federal exemption limit if you already have a substantial estate. In addition to the federal estate tax, some states impose their estate or inheritance taxes. exemption limits vary by state.

3. the policy involves three different people: the death benefit may be subject to gift tax if different people perform each of the three functions of the policy:

      • the insured: the person whose life is covered by the policy.
      • policyholder: the person who buys and/or owns the policy.
      • the beneficiary: the person who receives the death benefit in the event of the death of the insured.
      • In most cases, only two people are involved, the person who buys a policy for themselves and the person who receives the death benefit when they die. However, if a different person fills each role, the IRS treats the death benefit as a gift from the policyholder to the beneficiary. For example, if you buy a policy to cover your partner’s life and your child is the beneficiary, the death benefit is technically a gift from you (the owner) to your child (the beneficiary). As a policy owner, you are considered the donor and may be liable for gift tax.

        Are life settlements taxable?

        Selling your life insurance policy to an investor, called a life settlement, can make you more money than other means of surrendering a policy, such as surrendering your policy. This is because the policy’s sales price is not limited to the cash value amount, but also takes into account the policyholder’s life expectancy, death benefits, and the cost of premiums. but are life agreements taxed?

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        The IRS collects two types of taxes on life settlements:

        • income tax: due on income in excess of the policy base
        • Capital gains tax: due on any proceeds in excess of the policy’s cash value
        • However, the tax savings associated with the sale of a life insurance policy can be substantial compared to the taxes paid on the death benefit.

          learn more about life settlements with life settlement advisors

          At life liquidation advisors, we provide a life insurance settlement calculator to give our clients a clear and immediate picture of the highest possible value they could get by selling a life insurance policy at settlement. Qualifying for a life settlement is based on your age, how long you’ve had the policy, the value of your benefit, and other factors. If approved, a life settlement can yield a much higher return on your money on the same investment than any surrender value. Selling an unwanted life insurance policy is no different than selling your car, house, or any other valuable asset that will generate immediate cash. Contact us today for more information.

          I’m always happy to answer any questions about these life-changing transactions.

          leo lagrotte life settlement advisors [email protected] 1-888-849-0887

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